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Dementia-Friendly Environment

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Hi, we are Orsolya & Ian. We design active and healthy interiors and buildings. With our Dementia-Friendly Environment Hungary initiative we work towards a better world for people with dementia!

Contact us and find out how your home or care home can become dementia-friendly.

The importance of dementia care in Hungary

Over the last 20 years alone, the average life expectancy in Hungary has gone up by 5 years. Also medical proffesionals are becoming better at recognising dementia. Mainly because of these two facts the number of people diagnosed with dementia is increasing every year. At the moment there are somewhere between 150.000 – 300.000 people diagnosed with dementia within Hungary alone.

This is important because dementia is a fatal illness that has an enormous impact. Not only on the patient themselves, but also on their friends and family members. Someone with dementia requires care, but with the right approach they can remain active and independent for a longer period. Part of living with dementia is learning how to take care of someone with dementia. We at WeCare architecture can help you with planning a dementia-friendly environment, where this becomes easier.

Dementia-Friendly Environment

When someone has dementia, their cognitive, sensorial and physical abilities weaken. Common tasks can then become difficult or even impossible. This can be very frustrating. By understanding how someone’s abilities decline it is possible to prepare a home especially for their needs. A dementia-friendly environment is a home that supports and enables someone with dementia to remain active with less stress.

What we do

A dementia-friendly environment doesn’t have to cost more than any other interior or design. In many cases a few interior changes can already help a lot. Here you find 3 examples with tips on how to create a dementia-friendly environment:  

for Homeowners

At home most improvements are small and fairly inexpensive. We work with a checklist, but give solutions that fit your home, your personal circumstances and your budget.  

We don’t install the changes, these can be done by yourself or with the help of a contractor. 

for Care homes

By planning a care home to be a dementia-friendly environment; patients can remain more independent so more time remains for social interaction. It also helps visitors to interact with their loved ones. Installing a nostalgia corner for instance can help to recall positive memories. At WeCare we can provide design support for the renovation of a care home.

Free Lectures

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