Car service for electric cars


Solymár, Hungary


E-Service Solymár Kft.


Under Construction

At the bottom of the hill, below the Solymár castle, E-Service electrical car service planned their new workshop. As part of their sustainability ambitions they have asked WeCare to design a cost-effective workshop that respectfully fits into the beautiful surrounding. With its simple yet elegant shape the building bends respectfully to the hill. Its glass, North-facing, front welcomes visitors, while from all the other angles the anthracite volume remains in the background, silent in respect of flora and fauna of the surroundings. The building consists of a steel portal structure that will be clad with vertically ribbed sandwich panels. The repetition of the ribs, visually contracts the volume, which therefore feels more robust.

In the long Hungarian summers, workshop buildings tend to be extremely hot and difficult to cool down. This is because of the large doors that are always open. With a precise placement, the building makes use of the common wind direction and the neighbouring hill. A large portion of the day the building will find some shade because of the trees. Furthermore, the cool air at the bottom of the hill will be pulled through the workshop by the hot air at the other side of the building, creating a naturally cooling ventilation.