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Family House


Csömör, Hungary




Under Construction

All around Hungary there is a characteristic building type called the “Kádár kocka” (cube house). It spread during Hungarian socialism and currently there are still around 800 000 of them around the country. Although the design of these houses was not based on the principles of traditional Hungarian architecture, they strongly characterise the current landscape.

Regarding the design for the renovation and expansion of this cube house in Csömör, we firstly analysed the condition of the existing building and we considered the maximum use of existing structures to be an important aspect in our architectural concept. In its character, however, we would like to create a contemporary building inspired by the traditional Hungarian farmhouse with a columned porch. We believe that we can get a lot of answers to sustainable construction in traditional architecture. The porch, designed for the south-east façade, in addition to providing adequate sun protection for the kitchen and living room, is a living space that can be used most of the year and provides direct access to the garden.

For sustainability purposes the residential building will have adequate thermal insulation and a ground source heat pump heating supported by solar cells.