Obesity Clinic


Rotterdam, the Netherlands



Obesity is a growing health issue in the Netherlands and many other wealthy countries. This phenomena is the result of an increase of unhealthy ways of living. Although a lot of attention has been given to the physical predicament of obese people, the main hurdle towards an enjoyable life cannot be removed with an operation. 

Personally and culturally a patient is seen as an outcast of society, a failure. In his book “The birth of the clinic” Michel Foucault describes how the concept of a clinic has secured a more critical treatment of illness, through reviewing the body of a person as an object with absolute processes that a doctor can try to re-establish. This transitioned health care from an institution based on care, with personal doctor-patient relationships, to cure, where the person is a body that is failing to meet the model.

In this project the necessity for a functional institution to conduct optimal procedures in a controllable surrounding are ensured, while the hallways, waiting rooms, restaurants etc. are given shape aspiring to the accepting character of playfullness and diversity of human quirkiness, which is a face of society that inspires obesity patients to accept themeselves.