render by WeCare & studio CLAUD


WeCare recently participated in a design idea competition in Hungary. The location was in Hajdúszoboszló; a city famous for its spa. The brief asked for a design of a ‘soon to be public’ park at the bank of a lake. As there were already many trees on the territory, we decided to keep them and to cherrish nature with our design. 

We honored the water and designed a path which connects the earth to the water. We placed healing gardens and vegetable gardens along the road. At the two ends of the paths there are different squares. One is a water plaza, a space especially to be enjoyed at summer, when kids and adults can play with the interactive fountains.

The other plaza is connected to a public café / multifunctional space. During all seasons we can enjoy our lunch there and it could be used for workshops such as yoga lessons. The vegetables harvested from the vegetable gardens will be served there. At the large café terrace area events will be organized that can be enjoyed by citizens and tourists as well.

Our main goal was to create a park to make people aware that health of the body and mind are all connected to each other and more importantly they are both connected to nature. We really enjoyed working on this project and we thank our collaborating partners: Cecilia Dobos (studio CLAUD) & Daniel Radai (The Urbal).