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Urban Renewal


New Convent Garden Market, London, Great Britain


studio CLAUD


Competition Entry

Living in London without an excessive budget means having little space for outdoor activities. Being outside on the other hand is good for your body and soul. In response to an open call on what can be done with a vacant industrial plot we therefor propose an urban farming game.

Here collaborative city farming meets a framework for serious gaming. Players get the opportunity to practice farming, harvest rewards and grow as urban farmers. Depending on interest, input and position the trajectory of the player develops freely. Every player plays a different game! On the South bank the Hivemind game exists of a field build up by about 1000 hexagonal areas of 100m². Players start with plots and can expand in support of their progression as urban farmers. Urban farming should become an unpredictable and exciting learning opportunity to relate to our times.

The path is up to the player. We on the other hand have designed the framework to arouse a curiosity for farming and provide the curation necessary for the players to grow in a collaborative environment. The framework consists of public amenities and institutions that relate to the context and notably a supportive toolbox of elements. Furthermore an online support system of active monitoring with a personalized feedback system, social networking portal and market place, virtually frames the responsive contemporary farming environment.