WeCare focuses on responsible architecture that cultivates society.

Sustainable and caring architecture team in front of the electrical car service building in Solymár in Hungary

Our practice is centered around good intentions, for the client, the surrounding area (context) and the planet. A successful project is when we find a harmony that unites these three respectfully, within a reasonable budget. To do that we aim to find a solution that complements the life of the users. That is why research is important to us, because we want to offer better than the standard. In our research we focus on both global and local trends. Find out more about the topics that we work on in the research tab.


The digital age is catching up with the international markets, providing tools for multinationals that use them to make a profit by sowing confusion and stimulating fanaticism that provokes the public towards irresponsible consumption and estrangement from others. While the “physical” environment might not be the cause of this phenomena, it can offer a positive response to its negative effects; shaping strong communities. 


Europe is becoming what is known as an aging society; a larger percentage of people are of a higher age. Not every city, home and care facility is well prepared. Cities should be livable and dementia-friendly and homes should allow for elderly to remain comfortable, social and active until a later age.


In the case of the environment, legislation is starting to push towards progress. What is needed are intelligent solutions that fit the local climate (bioclimatic), the life of the users (self-sufficiency / energy-transition) and the impact on the planet (ecological footprint / circular-economy).