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Park & Café


Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary


Cecilia Dobos (studio CLAUD), Daniel Radai (The Urbal)


Design competition

This design of a ‘soon to be public’ park finds itself at the bank of a lake in Hajdúszoboszló; a city famous for its spa. By adding to the existing ecological framework of the park we want to cultivate and protect the flora and fauna that is naturally attracted to the green bank of a lake. With that we hope to make this a pleasant public park where people like to spend their free time. With a meandering path which connects the earth to the water the connection with the lake is displayed in a walk. A healing garden and vegetable gardens is added along this path to educate and add to the diverse experiences of the passers-by. At the start and finish of this paths two squares are planned so that the whole path works as a storyline. One is a sculptural water plaza with interactive fountains, which can be enjoyed during the long Hungarian summers. At the other plaza, which is nearer to the centre of Hajdúszoboszló, markets and events will be organized that can be enjoyed by locals as well as tourists. At the lake side of this plaza there is a cosy public café with views over the lake. In summer it will also expand unto the plaza and organize the water activities to ensure that the park is a place for the whole family.