Project Beta


Public Building


Binnenrotte, Rotterdam, the Netherlands



While the people in cities are famous for their free spirit, their public places are designed to be carefully controlled. This leaves many people without an available environment for personal expression. This is a research by design project towards more urban creativity in public space.

In this project the threshold the government has towards letting the public creatively make use of a space, namely their responsibilities as sole caretaker, has been resolved. This is done by asking an expert chosen by the people but approved by the government, to curate the requirements of a safe and publicly accessible public space. With that, citizens can get an opportunity to make use of it and the government can feel ensured that it has left its public space in capable hands.

We believe a well-placed, intriguing space that affords ambiguous interaction will be an ever-returning source for people to play with and create on. The basic elements are made out of 5 precast concrete shapes that create a variety of situations for people to respond to, even showing that in this way a small first investment can create great diversity through public participation.

The precast concrete elements will withstand hundreds of years of impact while the opinions and additions of the people will change. The structure leaves us as its designer without insight as to how it will look in 2, 20 let alone in 200 years. This is a sign that the future of the city doesn’t belong to its designers but to the creativity of its people!