Cozy age-friendly living room renovation

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In Prague, we were asked by the Novovysočanská nursing home to transform their current dining room into a age-friendly living room. This interior design makes the space much cozier, encouraging residents to use it beyond mealtimes.

The design is inspired by the concept of a cozy restaurant. Several larger tables contribute to a homely feel and provide opportunities for communal dining. The atmospheric lighting and warm decor enhance the relaxing experience.

The space is divided into different sections, each with its own character. This allows residents to choose their preferred spot: a quick coffee at the tables by the window, a dinner at a large table, or a relaxing lunch by the piano.

The kitchen is also being remodeled to give it a more secluded character. Additionally, this is a functional improvement, as clean and dirty paths will no longer intersect. By providing new storage space, the area is expanded not only for the nurses and waitstaff but also for residents’ special occasions.

Domov carehome

Novovysočanská, Prague, Czech Republic
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Orsolya Mátyus, Ian Chaplin, Anežka Příhodová
Orsolya Mátyus, Ian Chaplin, Anežka Příhodová